Expressing Art and Precision in the Language of Wood

My name is Warren Morrison.

I'm a developer and am currently working on this portfolio site.

I'm also a woodworker. After extended periods of time behind a computer screen, I find the art of woodworking to be a fantastic change of pace. While I thoroughly enjoy being a technologist, nothing that I do with tech will exercise my sense of touch. As a hobby, this art provides me with a sense of fulfillment that I otherwise lack.

Over the years, I've handcrafted everything from bookcases to shoe benches to tables to pens. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of everything that I made. Recently, though, I've begun to rectify that! As I build, I now consider photographing the finished work as the final step of any project. Once this page is finished, it will be designed to share those pictures with you!

Are you a sawdust manufacturer, too? Let me know!

Until this page is finished and I create more from wood, check out a few of the many pens I've made over the years:

Every one of these pens was meticulously handcrafted by me. The barrel of the pens started off as a solid, rectangular piece of wood (or acrylic, as is the case with the pasta pen). I cut the wood to size, delicately drilled a hole through the center for the ink and pen mechanism, and then carved the wood on a lathe (a machine that spins the wood very fast). After carving it to size, I applied a protective finish and assembled the parts together. This is frequently a time-consuming process, but one that I certainly enjoy.

Did you note the image of a workbench at the very top of this page? That image was created by an AI! If that intrigues you as much as it does me, take a look at my AI enthusiast page!