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Portal 2 cover

WM - Portal 2 Review

PlayStation 3

Released: 2011

Produced by: Valve Corporation

Portal 2, developed and published by Valve Corporation, is a first-person puzzle-platformer game and the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Portal. Released in 2011 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, Portal 2 built upon the innovative gameplay mechanics and dark humor of its predecessor while introducing new elements and a richer narrative. In this review, I will discuss various aspects of the game, including the story, gameplay, graphics, and sound.


Portal 2 continues the story of Chell, who awakens in the now-dilapidated Aperture Science facility after an extended period of stasis. Guided by Wheatley, a bumbling but well-intentioned AI personality core, Chell must navigate the treacherous facility while dealing with the return of GLaDOS, the malevolent AI from the first game. The narrative of Portal 2 is more expansive and character-driven than its predecessor, with new characters and deeper exploration of the Aperture Science backstory, while still maintaining the series' signature dark humor.


Portal 2 retains the core gameplay mechanics of the original game, with players using the portal-creating device to solve increasingly complex puzzles. The sequel introduces new gameplay elements, such as gels that alter surface properties and tractor beams, which add depth and variety to the puzzle-solving experience.

One of the most significant additions to Portal 2 is the inclusion of a cooperative multiplayer mode, where two players control the robots Atlas and P-Body, working together to navigate specially designed test chambers. The cooperative mode offers unique puzzles that require precise coordination and communication, providing a fresh and engaging challenge.


Portal 2 features enhanced graphics compared to its predecessor, with more detailed environments, improved lighting, and refined character models. The game's visual style retains the minimalist aesthetic of the original, while the dilapidated state of the Aperture Science facility adds a new layer of visual intrigue. The portal mechanics remain as visually impressive as ever, with seamless transitions and a convincing sense of spatial manipulation.


The sound design in Portal 2 is top-notch, with atmospheric environmental audio and well-executed voice acting that brings the game's characters to life. Ellen McLain reprises her role as GLaDOS, delivering another memorable performance, while Stephen Merchant's portrayal of Wheatley adds a new dimension of humor and personality to the game. J.K. Simmons also lends his voice talent as Cave Johnson, the eccentric founder of Aperture Science. The game's soundtrack, composed by Mike Morasky, is both atmospheric and fitting, effectively conveying the mood and tone of each scene.


Portal 2 is a masterful sequel that successfully expands upon the innovative gameplay, engaging story, and dark humor of the original game. With its enhanced graphics, new gameplay elements, and cooperative multiplayer mode, Portal 2 offers a satisfying and rewarding experience for fans of the first game and newcomers alike. If you enjoyed the mind-bending puzzles and unforgettable characters of Portal, Portal 2 is an essential addition to your gaming library.

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