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Sushi Go cover

Sushi Go

Released: 2013

Created by: Phil Walker-Harding

I'm excited to share my thoughts on a delightful and appetizing game that has captured the hearts of players everywhere: Sushi Go! Designed by Phil Walker-Harding and published by Gamewright, this quick and easy card game invites players to enjoy a sushi feast by strategically selecting and passing cards to create the most delicious combinations.


Sushi Go! comes in a compact and portable tin, containing 108 cards and a rulebook. The cards are of good quality, with a smooth finish that makes shuffling and handling easy. The artwork on the cards is charming and colorful, featuring cute illustrations of various sushi dishes that perfectly capture the game's lighthearted theme.


Sushi Go! is a card drafting and set collection game for 2-5 players. The game is played over three rounds, with players selecting a card from their hand and simultaneously revealing it, then passing the remaining cards to the player on their left. Players aim to create sets of sushi dishes that score points based on the type and quantity of cards collected.

The game offers a variety of cards, each with different scoring mechanisms, such as Nigiri cards that score points directly, Maki Roll cards that award points based on the majority, and Tempura and Sashimi cards that require specific sets to score. Players must carefully balance their card selections to maximize points while also keeping an eye on their opponents' choices to block potential high-scoring combinations.

Playing Time and Replayability

A game of Sushi Go! typically takes around 15-20 minutes, making it an accessible and enjoyable choice for quick gaming sessions or as a filler game between heavier titles. The game offers high replayability due to the unique combination of cards in each playthrough, encouraging players to adapt their strategies and explore new approaches to collecting the most tantalizing sushi dishes.


Sushi Go! is a delightful and engaging game that provides a satisfying blend of strategy, decision-making, and competition. Its accessible mechanics and high replayability make it a fantastic addition to any board game collection, appealing to both casual gamers and experienced strategists. Gather your friends and family, and embark on a culinary adventure that will have everyone craving sushi and clamoring for another round!

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